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"On behalf of everyone at Waitrose, Oxford we would like to thank Mark for a truly magnificent magician's performance. He kept everyone captivated and amazed, not to mention wondering how he achieved what he did. It was a fantastic and memorable evening, and we look forward to using Mark's services again."

Linda Johnson, Personnel Manager, Waitrose, Oxfordshire


Mark Cairns is a full-time professional close up magician who lives in Oxfordshire. From Bicester in North Oxfordshire to Wallingford in the South, Mark performs either at the table or mingling with guests dispensing his unique brand of entertainment.


Client Testimonials for Oxfordshire Magician Mark Cairns

If you are looking to hire a magician in Oxfordshire, you have come to the right place! Magician Mark Cairns is a member of The Magic Circle, and his psychological mind reading act is perfect for corporate events, weddings and private functions - in fact anywhere where you need to entertain a sophisticated adult audience.


Here is what some recent clients from Oxford and Oxfordshire had to say about magician Mark Cairns.



biomedica logo imageOxford BioMedica, Oxfordshire

"I was impressed at the ease with which Mark mingled with our guests and how relaxed he made us all feel - it's an amazing talent to be able to do that while at the same time managing to completely bamboozle us! He is still the talk of the coffee room."

Sian Lorimer, Oxford BioMedica (UK) Ltd., Oxford, Oxfordshire

(Oxford BioMedica subsequently went on to hire magician Mark again)


waitrose logo imageWaitrose, Oxfordshire

"On behalf of everyone at Waitrose, we would like to thank Mark for a truly magnificent magic performance. He kept everyone captivated and amazed, not to mention wondering how he achieved what he did. It was a fantastic and memorable evening, and we look forward to using Mark's services again."

Linda Johnson, Personnel Manager, Waitrose, Oxfordshire


gladstone logo imageGladstone MRM, Oxfordshire - Corporate Entertainment

"I personally heard phrases like… 'How did he do that?', 'That's not possible', and 'He should be on our Sales team!' Mark's tableside (and bar-side) manner was relaxed and professional as he entertained us with conversation as well as magic."

Arthur Morris, General Manager, Gladstone MRM, Oxfordshire

(Gladstone MRM subsequently hired Mark for hospitality work at a trade show)


berkeley homes logo imageBerkley Homes, Oxfordshire - Corporate Entertainment

"Everyone had an excellent evening and were mesmerised by Mark. He certainly created great interest and people are still asking 'How did he do that?' His professionalism was second to none and we would definitely recommend Mark to anyone who would like their party to be a success."

Margaret Rowland, Berkeley Homes, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

(Berkley Homes have subsequently hired Mark again on 3 separate occassions)


warnerland logo imageWarner Land Surveys, Oxfordshire - Corporate Entertainment

"Mark was booked for our staff Christmas dinner this year and helped the evening go extremely well. Mark has a very pleasant disposition and spent the evening mixing with our guests dispensing his special brand of magic. No matter how sceptical you are it is impossible not to be amazed at what is happening in front of your very eyes! How he does it is beyond us. The idea of Mark as an 'ice breaker' quickly developed into the star feature for the evening and we have no hesitation in recommending him as a magician for any social gathering."

Martin J Green, Company Secretary, Warner Land Surveys, Wallingford, Oxfordshire


Wedding Magic Act Briode photo 2Wedding Magician, Oxfordshire

"We have had many comments on how professional and entertaining the magician was, to the point that most have expressed it was the best wedding they have ever been to. We would not hesitate in recommending Mark to others in the future."

Tony & Ally Beyers, Abingdon, Oxfordshire


Magician for Wedding Reception - Oxfordshire

"We would both recommend Mark to anyone seeking a fun and mysterious magician who will guarantee the total captivation of their guests on the day, with a lot to scratch their heads about afterwards too! Mark's courtesy and professionalism in the run-up to the big day also made him an absolute pleasure to deal with. With the first phone call he managed to allay any fears or concerns we had as to the way the evening would proceed. On the day it felt more like we were meeting a friend than a contracted wedding entertainer."

Sally and Paul Coleman, Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire


Wedding Magic Act Briode photo 5Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment

"Having Mark at our wedding really added a special touch to the day. Mark was incredibly professional, and yet really good fun. People are still talking about him and are still mystified by the mind magic - although some wild theories abound! I would not hesitate in recommending that people hire Mark for their wedding, or other special occasions. He is an excellent magician and a thoroughly nice person who contributed in no small part in making our wedding day a day to remember. I have no doubt we'll meet again - just as soon as the Best Man (Tim) gets his act together and asks his girlfriend to marry him!"

Georgina Holt, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire


Wedding Entertainment - Oxfordshire

"I have seen several 'close up' magicians before but all have relied solely on card tricks and making coins and/or sponge balls disappear. It was therefore a real treat to enjoy Mark's style of psychological magic performed close-up and I must say it was certainly impressive, original and extremely entertaining. When you see such things performed on TV you always have the feeling there is some sort of collusion involved - so seeing it happen in front of you is quite mind blowing."

Keith Dickins, Wantage, Oxfordshire


Wedding Magic Act Briode photo 7Wedding Entertainment in Oxfordshire

"Mark's mingling between different groups of people was never intrusive and always subtle and he helped to keep everyone entertained as the photos and formalities were being undertaken. Everyone who saw Mark was very impressed - people were talking about his magic well into the evening and over the following days."

Mark and Victoria McDermott, Oxford, Oxfordshire


Wedding Entertainment - Oxfordshire

"Mark baffled even the most intelligent of our guests and this caused great amusement. Everyone was just completely and utterly blown away by him. He was talked about all evening and people are still discussing him now!"

Warrick and Lindsey Baldwin, Oxfordshire


Wedding Magic Act Briode photo 8Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Oxfordshire

"So many of the guests came to us afterwards talking about Mark's magic and humour. Many weeks later he still gets mentioned. Mark seemed able to get around all the guests and he added so much to the day."

James & Morag Wagstaff, Stadhampton, Oxfordshire


Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment - Magician

"Everyone said what a great idea it was to have a magician providing entertainment at the wedding as it acted as a good 'ice breaker' when people weren't very familiar with each other."

Rebecca & Ben Upright, Oxford, Oxfordshire


Magician for Celebration - Oxfordshire

"It was fascinating to watch Mark's magic close up - it was something neither we nor most of the guests at our party had ever experienced before. Everyone was really involved in the tricks. All our guests have mentioned how entertaining the magician was, and he certainly contributed to making the whole day special and memorable."

James Edwards & Jonathan Radley, Kidlington, Oxfordshire


Birthday Magic Act photo 1Magician for 40th Birthday Party - Oxfordshire

"Thank you Mark for helping us make our party a really memorable occasion. I think Mark successfully managed to bewilder all our friends with his amazing magical talents!"

Jan Wood, Oxfordshire


Entertainer for 40th Birthday Party - Oxfordshire

"Everyone enjoyed Mark's low-key humour and will remain forever mystified by his act! It was wonderful to see the look of utter amazement on my cynical doctor-friend's face - I think her scientist's world view has been forever undermined!! I hope we can think of another excuse for a party 'ere long."

Jacki Holderness, Oxford, Oxfordshire


Magician for 18th Birthday Party - Oxfordshire

"Mark needs congratulating for making the party such entertaining fun. Everybody thought Mark was terrific - including my father who is totally impossible to please. When I saw Jay on Sunday, he said it had been the best day of his life - and when I spoke to him today, he said all the talk at school was still about the party and the amazing magician! I must try to find another 18 year old and some more money so I have an excuse to do it again - hold on - it's only 3 years until his 21st - I'm tempted to ask Mark to book that date! (Seriously!)"

Katrina Sheldon, Oxfordshire

(True to her word, Katrina did indeed book Mark again for Jay's 21st!)