Wedding Party Magic Customer Reviews for Magician Mark Cairns

Wedding, London - Magician

"My family booked a magician for our family dinner the Friday before we got married and he only did card tricks and some of those went wrong! Jon and I thought 'Oh my god! What if Mark is as useless as that?' Well please believe me when I say that Mark exceeded our very high expectations. I have spoken to lots of our guests and without exception they all congratulated us on the wonderful contribution the magician made to our wedding - they have many funny tales to tell about how he completely foxed them. Mark felt very much a part of our party and I can't thank him enough."

Fiona Glynn & Jon Scott, SE London


Wedding Magic Act Briode photo 1London - Wedding Entertainment

"Mark's unobtrusive but highly effective presence helped to create just the right informal atmosphere that we were hoping for, and his skills as a magician left us and our guests baffled and deeply impressed. Mark's performance has been quite a talking point amongst our friends and was clearly a significant ingredient in all that made our wedding such a memorable occasion."

TJ Priestman & Sarah Vicary, London


North West London - Wedding Entertainment

"Mark provided great entertainment at our wedding. We had a fantastic day and many of the guests gave rave reviews of his performance. Providing a good day out for our guests was really important to us and we felt that Mark filled in some of the boring bits of weddings that we have all been subjected to at some point in time. The 'mind reading' also served as a great talking point and ice breaker for guests that had not met each other previously. I would heartily recommend Mark's service to anyone planning a wedding and I think it was money very well spent."

Simon Mahaffey, NW London


Wedding Magic Act Briode photo 4South East London - Wedding Magician

"I received so many nice comments from my guests who thought Mark's act was amazing. His entertainment helped us create such a memorable day."

Bruce & Lesley Costick, SE London


North East London - Wedding Entertainment

"Both we and our guests were delighted and dumbfounded by Mark's skills - he showed us that magic really does exist! We would highly recommend Mark to our friends and family as the efforts that he put into giving an amazing magic show really helped to make the day extra special."

Kevin & Anna Hansord, NE London


Wedding Magic Act Briode photo 2Wedding Magician, Oxfordshire

"We have had many comments on how professional and entertaining the magician was, to the point that most have expressed it was the best wedding they have ever been to. We would not hesitate in recommending Mark to others in the future."

Tony & Ally Beyers, Abingdon, Oxfordshire


Magician for Wedding Reception - Oxfordshire

"We would both recommend Mark to anyone seeking a fun and mysterious magician who will guarantee the total captivation of their guests on the day, with a lot to scratch their heads about afterwards too! Mark's courtesy and professionalism in the run-up to the big day also made him an absolute pleasure to deal with. With the first phone call he managed to allay any fears or concerns we had as to the way the evening would proceed. On the day it felt more like we were meeting a friend than a contracted wedding entertainer."

Sally and Paul Coleman, Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire


Wedding Magic Act Briode photo 5Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment

"Having Mark at our wedding really added a special touch to the day. Mark was incredibly professional, and yet really good fun. People are still talking about him and are still mystified by the mind magic - although some wild theories abound! I would not hesitate in recommending that people hire Mark for their wedding, or other special occasions. He is an excellent magician and a thoroughly nice person who contributed in no small part in making our wedding day a day to remember. I have no doubt we'll meet again - just as soon as the Best Man (Tim) gets his act together and asks his girlfriend to marry him!"

Georgina Holt, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire


Wedding Entertainment - Oxfordshire

"I have seen several 'close up' magicians before but all have relied solely on card tricks and making coins and/or sponge balls disappear. It was therefore a real treat to enjoy Mark's style of psychological magic performed close-up and I must say it was certainly impressive, original and extremely entertaining. When you see such things performed on TV you always have the feeling there is some sort of collusion involved - so seeing it happen in front of you is quite mind blowing."

Keith Dickins, Wantage, Oxfordshire


Wedding Magic Act Briode photo 7Wedding Entertainment in Oxfordshire

"Mark's mingling between different groups of people was never intrusive and always subtle and he helped to keep everyone entertained as the photos and formalities were being undertaken. Everyone who saw Mark was very impressed - people were talking about his magic well into the evening and over the following days."

Mark and Victoria McDermott, Oxford, Oxfordshire


Wedding Entertainment - Oxfordshire

"Mark baffled even the most intelligent of our guests and this caused great amusement. Everyone was just completely and utterly blown away by him. He was talked about all evening and people are still discussing him now!"

Warrick and Lindsey Baldwin, Oxfordshire


Wedding Magic Act Briode photo 8Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Oxfordshire

"So many of the guests came to us afterwards talking about Mark's magic and humour. Many weeks later he still gets mentioned. Mark seemed able to get around all the guests and he added so much to the day."

James & Morag Wagstaff, Stadhampton, Oxfordshire


Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment - Magician

"Everyone said what a great idea it was to have a magician providing entertainment at the wedding as it acted as a good 'ice breaker' when people weren't very familiar with each other."

Rebecca & Ben Upright, Oxford, Oxfordshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Berkshire

"All our guests thought Mark was very entertaining and were impressed and amazed by his magic."

Judy & Neville Hasler, Bracknell, Berkshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Hampshire

"I booked Mark after he was recommended by a friend. Mark kept the guests amused with his amazing magic and his humorous manner and played a part in making the occasion a great success. I look forward to having him perform for me again sometime in the future. Based on his professionalism and expertise, I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark to anyone planning on hiring wedding entertainment."

Colin Hudson, Ringwood, Hampshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Hampshire

"So many of the guests have remarked upon Mark's magic skills, including some who are quite spooked by just how good a mind reader he is! Many are still debating how he does it! We had a truly memorable day, as did many of our guests, due in no small part to Mark - we are immensely grateful and remain in awe."

Katie and Nik Ramsey, Hampshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Wiltshire

"Mark put in a wonderful performance at our wedding. His act was a huge success with many people talking about about the experience and what a great idea it was to have a 'mind reader'. Having a magician really helped to create a flow to the day and above all was just simply great entertainment. We both felt that Mark was very personable and handled people tactfully while at the same time grabbing their attention."

Paul & Tilly Kelly, Wiltshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Wiltshire

"Since we got back from our honeymoon all we have heard about is how wonderful our magician was! Mark really was the highlight of the day for everyone. We are absolutely delighted how he fitted in so well and everyone saw him. I only wish we had another event we could hire him for and we certainly won't hesitate to recommend him to friends for their weddings!"

Saffron & Anthony Gannon, Wiltshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Wiltshire

"The magic really helped the day go so well and friends and family really enjoyed the fun. Everyone commented on how good the magician was and people are still talking about it now - and they still can't work out how he did the things he does!"

Rita & Nina Parsons, Swindon, Wiltshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Wiltshire

"Thanks to Mark we all had a wonderful time at Cathryn and Nigel's wedding celebrations on Saturday 4th. He certainly made a few policemen think about their observation skills! If I can promote his services to anyone I certainly will."

Terri Aldridge, Wiltshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Wiltshire

"Everyone loved Mark's magic and they all said how different it was having a magician at the wedding. We hadn't told anyone Mark was coming so it was a lovely surprise for everyone."

Cameron Eggerton, Swindon, Wiltshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Wiltshire

"After seeing Mark I knew he would be worth every penny and he certainly proved that. I can't thank him enough for making my guests very happy, even though he did steal the lime light from the bride and groom!"

Nicola and Anthony Moore, Swindon, Wiltshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Wiltshire

"Mark made our wedding day a very special one. Everyone commented on what an amazing magician he was. If anyone is planning an event I would definitely recommend his services!"

Alison and Martyn Stagg, Swindon, Wiltshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Gloucestershire

"Everyone that we've spoken to thought that it was a great day, and thought having a magician at the wedding was a fantastic idea. Even hardened magic cynics were impressed by Mark."

Kathryn Holmes, Gloucestershire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Gloucestershire

"We wanted to book a close up magician and Mark was recommended to us. We were impressed with Mark's performance, and our guests haven’t stopped talking about him. They enjoyed his magic and liked the way he unobtrusively drifted around entertaining them."

Sam and Anthony Hawkins, Cirencester, Gloucestershire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Gloucestershire

"We wanted to thank Mark for the fantastic performance he gave at our daughter’s wedding a couple of weekends ago. Everyone was most complimentary about his skills and enjoyed the illusions. The only complaints I heard were from those who missed out on being one of his subjects (and from those who couldn’t work out how he did it!). We would be delighted to recommend Mark to any gathering and, in spite of the fact that we are not habitual party throwers, would be happy to welcome him back at our next family occasion."

Christine and Peter Joy, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Gloucestershire

"Mark was a huge hit with everyone! One of our friends has said they want to have a party just so that they can hire him! We would recommend Mark's services to anyone thinking about booking a close up magician - we only wish he could have stayed all evening!"

Matthew and Christabel Manders-Trett, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Bristol

"There were numerous comments about the quality and originality of what Mark did and how good he was at doing it. Mark filled that time which can sometimes seem an age when photos are being taken."

Margaret Lansdown, Bristol


Wedding Magician - Hertfordshire (Herts.)

"The Bride and Groom said they had a wonderful day and asked that I pass on their thanks to Mark. And every guest we have spoken to thought having a magician for wedding entertainment was a fantastic idea and are still trying to work out how Mark did it! We are all hoping we have a chance to see him perform somewhere in the future."

Sue & Bernard Parker, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Hertfordshire

"All of our guests who saw Mark have since commented about how impressed they were, how baffled they were(!), what a great idea it was to keep everybody entertained and also what an extremely professional and nice guy he was."

David and Annika Evans, Hertfordshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Hertfordshire

"Mark provided the entertainment at our wedding and everyone who I spoke to who saw Mark was very impressed! We also have some great footage on our wedding video. We have already recommended Mark to others, and Russell's work contacted him to do magic at their office Christmas party, but he was already booked."

Amy & Russell Geldard, St Albans, Hertfordshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Hertfordshire

"The curiosity and laughter that the magician generated throughout the room was fantastic , and Mark's performance appealed to both young and old alike. I also appreciated Mark's support in the lead-up to the wedding. I'm sure I'm not the first stressed bride-to-be he has dealt with, but he did well in reassuring me that everything was in hand, which it certainly was."

Liz Hunt, Hertfordshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Cambridgeshire

"Everyone who saw Mark has commented on what a brilliant magician he was - it really added a lovely touch to a day which went absolutely perfectly. Our only regret was not getting to see Mark ourselves (no fault of his - we were too busy gallivanting around.) However, we did get to see him on our wedding video, and we are completely unable to fathom it! We will have to invent another occasion to hire him!"

Ben and Polly Wicks, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Cambridgeshire

"Many of our guests have congratulated us on Mark's entertainment, and one friend has already booked him!"

Anna & Steven Libby, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Hertfordshire (Herts.)

"Mark was brilliant and so many of our guests commented on how clever his tricks were. We had the best day of our lives and have so many happy memories - we can't wait to get our video back now so we can see it all again!"

Nicola and Jim Beasley-Suffolk, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Birmingham, Midlands

"We had no idea as to what a ‘mind reading’ act might entail but felt the old foam balls and handkerchief tricks had perhaps had their day. We made a good choice – Mark was both original and entertaining and the simplicity but effectiveness of his act was fantastic and left everyone baffled and amazed."

Ruth and Jeff Willetts, Sutton Coldfield, The Midlands


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Birmingham, Midlands

"Mark was fantastic! Everyone is still talking about him! His friendliness, professionalism and ability to work through all our guests, providing the perfect ice-breaker, was second to none. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mark to anyone."

Clare and Colin Lamont, Birmingham, Midlands


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Birmingham, Midlands

"We were both really impressed by the variety of Mark's material and how he interacted with the guests in a nice and humorous way. Many of our guests commented on how good they thought Mark was and what a great and unusual idea it was to have a magician at a wedding."

Ivor and Theresa Wheeldon, Birmingham, Midlands


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Worcestershire, Midlands

"Mark's friendly and easy manner at once put guests at their ease and he held them enthralled with his performance. Two weeks later friends are still talking about 'that magician!'"

Roger and Diana Morgan, Worcestershire, Midlands


Essex Wedding Entertainment - Magician

"Mark made our wedding day so special. I am amazed at what people have told me about what he did and I still have people talking about it now, saying 'How does he do it!?' I would recommend Mark to any couple thinking about having a magician at their wedding, and I must say that people were kept amused during the photos."

Susie and Ryan McGregor, Chelmsford, Essex


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Essex

"Mark had everybody talking from the moment he made himself known to the first guests and people are still talking about him now, two weeks later. As the bride and groom, the day went by far too quickly for us, but we both had many glimpses of people everywhere enjoying different close up magic instigated by Mark. It's a fantastic feeling to look around you and see everybody enjoying your wedding day."

Lucia & Mark Burgess, Essex


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Essex

"Our guests have all said what a great idea it was to get a magician and how amazed they were at Mark's close up performances. Lee & I were particularly impressed with the thing that he did with us. We will definitely be recommending Mark to others."

Paula Sutton, Essex


Wedding Entertainment, Magician - Essex

"Mark's informal, relaxed manner with our guests meant everyone could enjoy and be amazed by his skills. As Raj and I come from very different cultures we worried that our guests would split into their own groups and not mingle. However, a magician proved to be a real ice-breaker and Mark got everybody talking and mixing really well."

Lorna Nash-Khan, Essex


Wedding Entertainment, Magician - Kent

"We hired Mark instead of a band or music and we are pleased to say he went down an absolute storm. Mark really kept the conversation going and gave everyone something new to talk about! Mark's illusions were fantastic and kept everyone guessing and he was much better than we anticipated. His charm and wit also entertained all ages of guest and he was the topic of conversation at breakfast the next morning! We could not recommend Mark highly enough to anyone thinking about hiring him for their wedding or function."

Ewan and Sarah-Jane Grant, Chatham, Kent


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Kent

"We had a fantastic day - it all went far too quickly but we enjoyed every second. Knowing that our guests were being amazed and delighted by Mark during the photographs and between courses really took some of the pressure off us."

Tara and Patrick O'Leary, Kent


Magician for Wedding Anniversary - Kent

"We would just like to say how much we and our guests enjoyed and indeed marvelled at Mark's performance at our Ruby Wedding party. It made such a difference to us knowing that our friends and family were being entertained at their tables in such a relaxed and happy way."

Anthony & Jane Mason, Canterbury, Kent


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Surrey

"Having Mark there really made a big difference to the wedding, not only because we all had such a great time, but also because Karen and I now have something just that extra bit special to remember. Eventually we'll forget what we had for lunch that day, but I doubt that we'll ever forget the wedding entertainment Mark provided. We will recommend Mark whenever we get the chance."

David Tiller, Surrey


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Surrey

"Mark did such a great job at our wedding! We've had loads of compliments about his performance and loads of frustrated people (including Eirian and myself) saying, 'How on earth did he do that?!' Always a good sign! If anyone wants a similar magical performer we'd certainly recommend Mark."

Anna Dench and Eirian Morris, Surrey


Magician for Wedding Anniversary - Surrey

"We all had a great time at our Silver wedding anniversary last week and Mark's magic made the evening complete. We have received many letters and telephone calls this week from our family and friends who have all commented on his performance. Mark certainly made it a magical evening that will be remembered by all for a long time to come."

Julie & Richard Mannell, Surrey


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Sussex

"Mark's performance went down a treat and Ian was especially thrilled. (Mark was booked as a surprise treat for him.) We would definitely recommend Mark to anyone looking for a magician."

Joyce O'Brien, Sussex


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Sussex

"We've heard SO many good reviews and comments about how amazing the magician was - as expected we didn't get to see Mark much ourselves but we wish we had - we heard about a few things and were pretty gobsmacked ourselves! Mark gave the wedding a real 'wow' factor and was worth every penny. Thank you, Mark, for your talent and professionalism!"

Kiera Patterson, Sussex


Magician for Wedding Entertainment - Sussex

"Thank you Mark for coming to our wedding and entertaining the guests. Everyone said how good Mark was, and it was a nice ice-breaker for groups of people - especially at the tables where not everyone knew each other. People are still coming up to us and saying they had no idea how he did it but how great it was. We won't hesitate to recommend Mark to our friends."

Richard & Claire Matthews, Sussex


About Mark Cairns

Professional Magician Mark Cairns is the ideal magician to hire, with over ten years experience as a full-time performer. A specialist close up magician for adult audiences, Mark uses these skills as a psychological mind reader at corporate events, weddings and private parties, and performs while either mingling with guests or working at the table. Mark is a member of The Magic Circle.